Coil conversion from Jmacx

A Jmacx coil conversion offers all of the advantages that the leaf spring kit has and more.

A coil conversion offers better ride comfort, improved off-road capability and superior handling. The coil conversion also allows us to go an inch higher, so we can legally install 4 inches of lift and a 35 inch tyre. No matter the brand, with a leaf spring suspension system you need to maintain a constant load to allow the suspension to work effectively.

However with a coil spring suspension system you do not have to be loaded to GVM to experience good ride comfort, this allows the vehicle to be more universal with varying payloads. The Jmacx coil conversion is a complete bolt in system that requires no welding and uses all genuine bearings & seals, this means it is much easier to find spare parts in remote areas than a kit which uses custom parts.

Other products from Jmacx

Jmacx not only offer full vehicle solutions, but also offer a range of individual components to enhance handling, performance & braking. These products include diff housings, brake boosters, brake lines, radius arms, u-bolt clearance plates, stronger axles, speedo correctors, exhaust systems & more.

Jmacx products are right at home in the ultimate tourer, commercial vehicles & weekend warriors. If you have a 70 series Landcruiser or you are in the market, you can be sure that the combination of Jacksons 4×4 Accessories & Jmacx Offroad Solutions have you covered.

Still have questions about Jmacx?

That’s ok, Jmacx have a wide range of complex products so there is a lot to learn! Our team have plenty of experience with the Jmacx line of products so they will be able to answer all your questions.

To have your questions answered or to get a quote on some Jmacx gear you can get in touch with our sales team by filling out our contact form.