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Jacksons 4×4 offer a large variety of products from various brands to suit most makes and models of 4wd.

Whether you’re looking to purchase an individual product, completely set up a new vehicle or simply after some product advice, we have you covered! With years of experience and a passion for the outdoors, it’s safe to say that Jacksons 4×4 know exactly what products to recommend.

Check out our range of products below…

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Bull Bars &
Nudge Bars

Bull Bars & Nudge Bars

Frontal protection is essential for any 4wd or touring vehicle. Jacksons 4×4 offer a wide range of bull bars in steel, aluminium & poly. Bull bars come standard in black or raw finishes, we do offer the option of colour coding to match your vehicle. For the less serious 4wd’s we also have a range of nudge bars available.

Side Steps
& Rails

Side Steps & Rails

When paired with an adequate bull bar a set of side steps & rails offer great vehicle protection. Jackson’s 4×4 offer various side steps options ranging from basic aluminium step boards right through to proper steel protection steps & rails.

Rear Bars &
Wheel Carriers

Rear Bars & Wheel Carriers

Whether it be for rear protection, carrying a spare tyre or simply for towing, Jacksons 4×4 have your rear bar options covered. A large range of offerings is available from a rear step tow bar for a ute through to a wheel carrier for wagons.

Towbars &

Towbars & Towing

Towing & towbars are one of our specialties here at Jacksons 4×4. Whether it be a standard towbar for sedan or SUV, a heavy duty towbar for a 4wd or even a complete rear bar, we have you covered.

& Airbags

Suspension & Airbags

Upgrading your suspension has many advantages including improved handling, better ride comfort, increased weight carrying capabilities & more ground clearance. If you are looking at upgrading your vehicles suspension then a GVM upgrade is also something to consider. Jacksons 4×4 are your 4wd suspension experts and we offer an extensive range of solutions from various brands.


GVM Upgrades

Upgrading the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of your 4wd allows you to physically & legally carry more weight. GVM upgrades are available for most 4wd vehicles using products from ARB, Jmacx, King shocks & many more.


Coil Conversions

Converting the rear of a 70 series Landcruiser to coil springs with a Jmacx coil conversion improves your ride comfort, provides better handling, corrects the track width & increases offroad ability whilst also upgrading the GVM.

Diff Housing

Diff Housing Upgrades

Toyota Landcruiser’s are a popular choice of 4wd, when heavily loaded the rear diff can become overloaded. Jmacx provide upgraded diff housings which are stronger, rated to a higher axle capacity & correct the rear track width.


Chassis Extensions

Extending the chassis on a 79 series Landcruiser will increase tray space and shift your weight distribution, this improves handling and ride comfort. The Jmacx chassis extension kit can also be done in conjunction with a GVM upgrade.


Brake Upgrades

If you are adding weight, increasing tyre size or improving engine performance it is a great idea to improve the vehicles braking. Jmacx offer a variety of brake upgrades for the 70 series Landcruiser due to their poor standard brakes.


Engine Protection

Modern diesel engines can be very expensive to repair if something goes wrong, doing what you can to protect your engine is cheap insurance to avoid costly repairs. Fitting a secondary fuel filter kit and a catch can are excellent low cost modifications to help protect your engine.


Sound Systems

Whether it be a replacement head unit, a speaker upgrade or a full sound system we have you covered. Alpine is our brand of choice for high quality sound system components, Alpine offer an excellent range of products to cater for a wide variety of budgets from basic to extreme.

Canopys &
Hard Lids

Canopys & Hard Lids

A canopy is the ideal solution for keeping your luggage dry & secure. Jacksons 4×4 use & recommend the ARB range of canopies. ARB offer a very wide variety from a simple tradie style canopy to a luxurious premium canopy with central locking and pleasing aesthetics. All of ARB’s canopies are proudly made right here in Australia from quality components.

Roof Racks
& Bars

Roof Racks & Bars

Utilising roof space is an extremely efficient way of creating more room inside the vehicle. Jacksons 4×4 offer an assortment of roof rack solutions from simple cross bars to large touring racks in both steel & aluminium.

& Air Intakes

Snorkels & Air Intakes

A snorkel is an essential addition to any 4×4 that plans to encounter water or dust. Some people like the classic plastic snorkel whilst some prefer the stainless look, we understand that and we offer both.

Ute Trays &

Ute Trays & Canopies

Jackson’s offer Australian made fully welded ute trays, canopies & campers. These are proudly made right here in Murray Bridge to the highest standard, we have many options & would love to chat about your needs to see if we can accommodate.

Fuel Tanks

Long-Range Fuel Tanks

Nobody wants to run out of fuel! Increase your traveling range, spend less time filling up, avoid the dodgy fuel stops & have peace of mind by fitting a long range fuel tank to your vehicle. Jacksons 4×4 offer multiple options from various suppliers in both steel & plastic.

& Accessories

Winches & Accessories

Nobody wants to get stuck, but sometimes it happens, sometimes you might also need to recover somebody else. When performing a vehicle recovery a winch can often be of great assistance and also make the situation much safer. Jacksons 4×4 supply & fit a wide range of winches & accessories to suit.

Under Vehicle

Under Vehicle Protection

Bull bars, side steps & rear bars protect the surrounds of your 4×4. One thing that often gets forgotten is the undercarriage. Under vehicle protection will protect the important parts that can be vulnerable underneath such as the radiator, sump, diff, sensors, wiring & more!


Recovery Points

Nobody wants to get stuck, but sometimes it happens, sometimes you might also need to recover somebody else. When performing a vehicle recovery it is recommended to use rated recovery points. Jacksons 4×4 supply & fit rated recovery points for most makes & models of 4wd.


Draw Systems

Maximise your cargo space and keep it organised! The back of a wagon or Ute can become cluttered with all of your gear. A decent set of draws allows you to have everything stored away neatly whilst still being easily accessible. Jacksons 4×4 have many storage solutions from a simple standalone draw to a full draw system with internal dividers, cargo barriers, fridge slides and more!


Dual Batteries

Everybody needs power! Whether it be a simple battery system in the engine bay, a complex lithium setup in the canopy or anything in between, we can help. Jackson’s 4×4 have extensive knowledge in setting up your dual battery system and the workshop produces quality installs.

Wiring &
12-volt Fitouts

Wiring & 12-volt-Fitouts

Custom wiring & 12v fit outs are our speciality. Matched with a good dual battery system, you may also wish to install a custom 12 volt system consisting of power outlets, lighting, inverters, chargers, solar and more! If this sounds like what you’re after? Then you’re in the right place.

Fridges &

Fridges & Accessories

Keeping your food & drink cold on the hottest days of summer is made easy with a modern 12 volt fridge or freezer. Jacksons 4×4 stock a range of fridges from small to large, they’re all on display in our showroom along with accessories to suit.

Diff Locks &

Diff Locks & Breathers

Locking your diffs can be one of the biggest bang for buck ways to increase the off road capability of your vehicle. It will also allow you to approach obstacles slower & do less damage to your vehicle. A diff lock is the most appropriate way of locking your diff and achieving these results. It is also necessary to fit diff breathers which will prevent water getting into the diff during a water crossing.


Air Compressors

Letting your tyres down for increased traction & improved ride comfort is recommended and the results show why. When you let your tyres down you also need to pump them back up. Jacksons 4×4 stock a range of portable compressors & vehicle mounted options too.


UHF Communications

Whether it be on the farm, touring with mates or in the outback, communication is always handy and can be lifesaving. UHF is the most common form of communication between travellers and we stock a large range of UHF radios, aerials & accessories.


Driving Lights

Turn night into day! When traveling in the dark, a good set of lights never goes unappreciated. We stock a huge range of lighting from various brands to suit all budgets, whether you’re after halogen, HID, or LED, we will likely have something to suit your needs.

Tyres &

Tyres & Wheels

Upgrading your tyres & wheels has many advantages including improved traction, increased ground clearance, better stability & pleasing aesthetics. Jacksons 4×4 offer everything from standard replacement tyres for your factory rims to full off road tyre & rim packages.


Engine Performance

Adding extra weight & bigger tyres to your vehicle can severely decrease the performance of your vehicle whilst also increasing the fuel usage. To regain some of this power & fuel economy you can perform modification to enhance your engines performance & efficiency. This can include exhaust upgrades, snorkels, heavy duty clutches, air box modifications & tuning solutions.

Consoles &

Consoles & Interiors

Maximising the storage and comfort of your interior is always a good idea. Jacksons 4×4 offer a full range of roof & centre consoles as well as sound deadening packages to improve your driving experience.


Seating Upgrades

Comfortable seats are a must, some vehicles offer this from factory and some don’t. If your vehicle doesn’t have good seats then an upgrade may be on the cards, especially if you are planning a long trip or spend big hours in the car. We supply & recommend the Recaro range of seating, Recaro offer an extensive range to suit all sizes & shapes.

& Navigation

Maps & Navigation

Don’t get lost without a map! Planning your next adventure will be easy thanks to our range of Hema maps & Hema navigation accessories.


Recovery Equipment

Recovery equipment should be found in every 4×4 that heads offroad. It always pays to be prepared and Jacksons 4×4 can help you do that thanks to their large range of recovery gear. We stock snatch straps, D shackles, winch accessories, jacks & full recovery kits.


Camping Equipment

Everybody loves camping & so do we. Camping is made easy thanks to our large range of camping gear including swags, chairs, tables, bags, lighting & more.


General Accessories

Jacksons 4×4 stock a large range of general accessories including tyre repair kits, camping equipment, first aid kits, 12 volt lighting, fridges and much more!

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We aim to be a one stop shop when it comes to 4wd accessories & vehicle fit outs. There are some specialist modifications we don’t perform however we do still offer a wide variety of upgrades & modifications.

If you can’t see the product or service you’re looking for we may still be able to help you. Our range of products & services are rapidly growing so feel free to make an enquiry by filling out our contact form.